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Many landlords and property managers in Clark County have begun to acknowledge the growing demand for smoke-free living, considering only 11.4 percent of Nevada’s adult population smokes.

Multi-housing developments present a particular challenge for dealing with this significant health problem because tobacco smoke from one unit may seep through cracks, be circulated by shared ventilation systems or otherwise enter the living space of another tenant and because people spend more time in their homes than in any other location, reducing exposure to tobacco smoke in multi-unit residences can significantly improve residents’ health.

Some properties in Southern Nevada have entire buildings designated as smoke-free. When looking for a smoke-free apartment, you can ask the landlord or property manager about smoke-free policies and/or smoke-free living options or you can check out our Smoke-free Housing Directory.

All of the properties included in the Smoke-free Housing Directory listing have self-reported that they have buildings where all units within are 100% smoke-free. However, the places listed may have some buildings that allow smoking, and they may allow smoking on patios or in other outdoor spaces. Please inquire about a 100% smoke-free building policy when contacting a property.

For more information about quitting smoking check out our website.

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