Tips To Increase Physical Activity

At Home

Vigorously clean your house and do any necessary home repairs.

Do yard work. Weeding, mulching, digging, and raking all burn extra calories.

Take your dog on a long walk.

Walk to the store or – if you must drive – park toward the back of the lot and return the shopping cart to the front of the store when you are finished.

Don’t use the drive-up window for the bank, fast food, coffee, or dry cleaners. Park the car and walk to the counter or ATM.

Pace while talking on the phone or on the sidelines at your child’s sporting events.

Use hand weights, walk on a treadmill, or ride a stationary bike while watching TV.

Take a family walk or bike ride.

Walk or bike a portion of your commute – or the entire way! The RTC’s Club Ride is a great resource to help you get started.

Sign up for Walk Around Nevada or download our Smartphone app. This free program helps participants track daily activity and watch as they virtually trek around Nevada.

Take the kids to the park for some soccer, basketball, or just to play. To find parks in your neighborhood, see our list of Places to Play.

Visit a national park near you. There are many acres of national parks within 5 hours of the city!

Find a walking or biking trail in your neighborhood with Neon to Nature.

Dance to music.

Try a new sport, such as softball, soccer, or volleyball. Find a team through your company or the local parks and recreation department.

Join a gym or sign up for a group exercise class.

At Work

Take the stairs.

Take walking breaks throughout the workday.

Walk to the farthest restroom in the office.

If you have a message or document that you need to give to someone, walk it over.

Sit on a stability ball instead of a chair.

Stretch to relieve tension and joint stiffness during your mid-afternoon energy slump.

Use your office walls as workout equipment. Stand 18-inches away from a wall or door, place your hands on the surface at shoulder height, and do vertical push-ups.

Find co-workers to walk with during lunch breaks.

Suggest a physical activity break, like stretching, during longer meetings.

Keep walking shoes at your desk and use them at least once during the week.

Talk and walk. Hold a walking meeting where you can discuss work-related items.

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