SWAP in Southern Nevada

In partnership with the Institute for Hunger Research & Solutions at Connecticut Foodshare, the Office of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion is working with food pantries in Southern Nevada to implement the SWAP program.  The SWAP program is a nutrition ranking system designed to help promote healthy food choices at food banks and food pantries.  Studies show that many people who visit food pantries experience a double burden of food insecurity and chronic diseases, such as High Blood Pressure and type II Diabetes. If you’re interested in implementing SWAP at your food pantry, please contact us at: gethealthy@snhd.org

Key SWAP Messages

Green Foods: These are foods to choose often throughout the day. They are low in saturated fat, sodium and sugar and promote overall health.

Examples: All fresh fruits and vegetables, whole eggs, lean cuts of animal proteins, plant-based proteins, whole grain products such as bread, tortillas, brown rice, oatmeal, low fat and fat-free milk products, plain water, plain coffee, and unsweetened tea.

Yellow Foods:  These are foods to choose occasionally.  They have medium levels of fat, sodium and sugar.  They can contribute to good health.

Examples: 100% fruit juice, regular “white” bread, flour, pasta, tortillas, white rice, and whole milk, diet soft drinks.

Red Foods: These are foods to choose rarely or only on special occasions.  They have high levels of fat, sodium or sugar.  They provide only limited health benefits.

Examples: Desserts such as ice cream, cookies, cake, candy, most processed/packaged snacks, regular soda, non-100% juice drinks with added sugar, baked goods and fried foods.

Community Partners

  • UNLV Food Pantry
  • Al-Maun Food Pantry
  • No Greater Love Worship Center Food Pantry
  • TCMI Church Food Pantry
  • ICLV Food Pantry
  • Iglesia Puertas de Alabanza Food Pantry
  • Iglesia Maranatha Food Pantry
  • Lutheran Social Services Food Pantries
  • The AfterMarket Food Pantry