Neon to Nature

Escape, Explore, Enjoy

Discover beautiful walking and biking trails right in your own backyard with our Neon to Nature program. We have over 1,000 miles of trails here in the valley. Each trail listing includes trail information and photos, along with detailed map descriptions of the trail’s location, length, and various amenities.

You can Personalize Your Map to see only trails that meet your needs.

You can also download the FREE Neon to Nature app for your Android device or iPhone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Download the Neon to Nature app to access trail information on your electronic devices.

Pets on leashes are allowed on the trails and most back country trails. Dogs must be leashed always. You must pick up after your dog.

Acceptable activities on the trails include walking, hiking, cycling, in-line/roller skating, skateboarding, and jogging. Some trails have adjacent un-paved natural tracks for equestrian use. See Neon to Nature to find these specific trails. Wheelchairs and strollers are also allowed on trails.

Volunteer opportunities are also available through the park and recreation departments, other local jurisdictions or non-profit agencies such as the Get Outdoors Nevada.

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