Healthy Meeting Guide

In the United States, employees spend an average of 5.5 hours per week in meetings. From small working lunches, to big presentations, our Healthy Meeting Guide outlines simple steps you can take to incorporate healthy food and physical activity into your meetings. By following these guidelines, you can set an example for others and, most importantly, improve your own health and the health of your employees.

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Healthy Food Retail

Maintaining a healthy diet at work is easier said than done. While vending machines, cafeterias and concession stands are convenient options when it comes to a quick meal, typically these snack foods and beverages are high in sugar, sodium and calories – leaving employees feeling lethargic post-lunch.

The term “healthy vending” can refer to vending machines, concession stands and other food retail locations where packaged or prepared food is sold.

New “healthy vending” policies aim to improve the nutritional quality of these foods and beverages and allow customers to make informed food choices. Healthy vending strategies include:

  • Limits on the amount of calories, saturated fat, sodium and added sugar in products
  • Requiring a percentage of products meet healthier nutrition guidelines
  • Preferential pricing for healthier products
  • Prime placement within vending machines and concession stands for healthier products
  • Marketing and other promotional efforts for healthier products

If you have implemented, or are interested in implementing healthy vending in your workplace, email or call (702) 759-1270.


Healthy Vending Toolkits and Implementation Guides

Healthy Vending Toolkit (PDF) – Southern Nevada Health District

Healthy Vending Guide (PDF) – Nemours® Health Prevention Services

Healthier Choices for Public Places – Center for Science in the Public Interest

Making Change: A Guide to Healthier Vending for Municipalities (PDF) – ChangeLab Solutions

Healthy Vending and Concessions – Public Health Law Center

Health and Sustainability Guidelines for Federal Concessions and Vending Operations (PDF) – CDC

Promoting Healthy Food & Beverage Choices in Parks & Rec. Facilities (PDF) – Public Health Law Center

Point of Purchase Signage (PDF) – Snack Smart and Rethink Your Drink.

A Guide to Creating Healthy Menu Options (PDF) – Southern Nevada Health District

If you are interested in receiving free clings or professionally printed signage, please email or call
(702) 759-1270.

Take the Stairs Program

The adage is true — old habits ARE hard to break. And for most people, riding the elevator is an old habit. Some people even forget that there are stairs! Posting motivational signs at the places where people have a choice between the stairs and elevator is an important aspect of encouraging people to use the stairs.

Click on one of the posters below to download a printer-friendly 11×17 PDF:


For more tips on how to encourage employees to take the stairs, visit the CDC’s StairWELL to Better Health and Change Lab Solutions’ Opening Up Stairwells for Physical Activity.

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