Shop Talk

January 7, 2023
Nehemiah Ministries

3606 N Rancho Dr. #144
Las Vegas, NV 89130

44% of black men have some form of heart disease. Join the conversation as we address the dimensions of health and wellness, with a focus on the ‘physical dimension.’ Improving physical health promotes the ability to maintain a healthy quality of life, that allows one to practice preventive measures to reduce their risk for chronic conditions.

Shop Talk, presented by the Barbershop Health Outreach Project (BSHOP) will feature a panel of experts in the field of health and wellness. Join the conversation moderated by Pastor Kelcy West, Nehemiah Ministries.

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Discussion Topics

  • How to adopt the elements of health and wellness to achieve optimal health
  • How to lower your risk for heart disease and stroke
  • How to control and manage your blood pressure
  • How stress is a contributing factor
  • How distrust in the health care system can impact preventable health care
  • How physical activity and nutrition improves heart health

Featured Guest Panelists

Shenakwa Hawkins, MSN,APRN, FNP-C — Shenakwa Hawkins is the founder of Care with Purpose Medical Center. She has been in the medical field for over 20 years. As a Black woman, she is especially drawn to support marginalized communities in their fight for good health

Jamerson Holloway, DNP(c), MBA, BSN, RN– Manager of a Patient Aligned Care Team at the VA with a focus on prevention and chronic condition management. After significant successes in sales, marketing, and customer service, looking to become a mentor, manager, and leader to assist others in attaining their goals with a focus on service for humanity.


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