Rethink Your Drink- Soda Free Summer

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We are getting close to finishing our Soda Free Summer challenge. There is still time to rethink your drink. Drinking soda, as with most habits, can be a hard break. Going cold turkey is not always easy. Instead of refusing to try and stop drinking sugary sweetened beverages just because you can’t go cold turkey, TRY to slowly wean yourself off the sugary bubbly. Reducing the amount you drink each day, for some people is just as much of a success as going cold turkey.

Here are some tips to reduce your sugar beverage habit:

Give yourself a reality check. Finding out exactly how much soda you drink and also how much sugar you consume from each can, each day can be a reality check. For every 20 oz of soda it is about 16 packs of sugar. That’s a lot!  Another great thing is to add up how much money you spend on sugar sweetened beverages each week, month or year. Those fancy coffee drinks can add up fast!  This amount of money might surprise you and it also might encourage you to switch to water.

Find alternatives. The key is to find another healthier beverage to take the place of your daily soda or sugary beverage. For example, drinking sparking water with a squeeze of lemon or adding fruit to your water. You get the fizz or sweet taste without the sugar. It might be hard in the beginning, but soon you won’t even think about it.

Water! Require yourself to drink the amount of water equal to the amount of soda you are going to drink first, before you drink any soda. This automatically reduces the amount of soda you drink because it makes you feel fuller and less likely to drink more soda. Plus it is a great way to get in some water drinking.

No refills! Don’t go back and fill up your cup with more beverage except for water.

Try out these ideas for yourself and if you have any other great ideas let us know!

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