Break the Barriers to Eating Breakfast

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If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why do so many people skip it? By the time morning comes, it has been a long time since your body last has had any fuel. Give your body a break and fuel up on breakfast before you start your morning activities.

Below are some resources to help overcome some of those barriers to not eating breakfast.

Dont have time for breakfast:

Breakfast doesn’t have to be a big full course meal, grab something quick on the way out the door. Figure out what you’ll eat the night before and this will help take away the problem of trying to figure it out during the morning rush.

Breakfast on the go ideas:

  •  Yogurt. Add granola or fruit for texture
  • Whole wheat toast with peanut butter
  • Any kind of fruit
  • Cheese stick & apple
  • Just add water oatmeal bowls
  • Hard boil eggs the night before
  • Freeze leftover waffles or pancakes. You can pop them in the toaster for a homemade breakfast.
  • Don’t forget cold cereal. We’re not talking about those covered with sugar, but the healthy variety. Look for whole grains and check the label for the amount of sugar.

Not hungry in the morning:

Sometimes people are not hungry until a little bit later after they wake up. Waiting to eat until lunch can be a long time. Pack breakfast to take with you on the go or keep dried fruit, or wholegrain cereal bars at work.

Tired of eating the same old thing:

Don’t be traditional. Breakfast doesn’t need to be “breakfast” foods.  Have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or cheese and crackers, dinner leftovers are always a good option too. Try whole-egg or egg white omelets, fresh or frozen veggies make for great additions. Make a smoothie. Blend fruit and yogurt and then drink it in the car. Wrap up cold turkey and cheese, grab an apple and you’re on your way.

When you consider all the options for breakfast, you realize it won’t take much effort to eat a healthy breakfast. Don’t limit yourself and be open to trying other items you wouldn’t normally think of for breakfast.

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