Give 3 Feet for Cyclists

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The 3 Foot Passing Bill, SB248, was signed into law in Nevada in October 2011. Motorists must give at least 3 feet of space when passing bicyclists or electric bicycles in Nevada.

This bill requires a driver of a motor vehicle to overtake and pass a bicycle or an electric bicycle proceeding in the same direction by: (1) moving the vehicle into the immediate left lane, if there is more than one lane traveling in the same direction and it is safe to move into the lane; or (2) passing to the left of the bicycle or electric bicycle at a distance of not less than 3 feet from the bicycle or electric bicycle.

We have many people who cycle here in the valley and the intent of this new law is to make it safer for everyone trying to get around. Hopefully, it will also encourage more people to get out and ride their bike!

To help you get your feet wet with cycling, the RTC hosts free bicycle clinics every 4th Saturday of the month inside the Bike Center.

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