Get Away without Ditching your Healthy Habits

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The whole point of going on vacation is to get out of your routine, break up the monotony of life and have a fun time. How do you that without ditching all your healthy habits?

Pack your workout clothes. The biggest excuse for doing no activity while on vacation is not being properly equipped.

Work your physical activity into your plans. If you are vacationing in the mountains incorporate a hike into your day. If you are at the beach, take a walk along the shore or ride your bike along the boardwalk. And if you are heading to a theme park you will most likely do a lot of walking.

Play at the Park. There are unlimited options for active fun at parks and recreations areas across the country. Many are free and all you have to do is get out of the car and walk, run, stretch, roll, climb, paddle your way into a fun time.

Find a gym. If you belong to a national gym chain you can often find a gym wherever you are staying. If you are not a member, often time these gyms allow you to try out their facility for free for a week. If you are staying in a hotel, book a room with a hotel that provides a gym as an amenity.

Take breaks. If you are taking a road trip don’t think of stopping as a bad thing. Use bathroom breaks as activity breaks too. Park extra far from your rest stop and take a few laps around the perimeter while you wait for your traveling companions. Get some good stretching in before you hit the road again.

Walk while you wait. If you skip the road trip and take to the sky. Use your layovers as a way to get in a few extra steps. Resist the urge to sit near your gate and wait. Get up and walk around the terminal until it’s time to board your plane.

Fitting in some activity while on vacation will help you stay on track with your health goals. It can also be a fun way to create some new traditions!

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