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You have determined that you need to start eating healthier and you know that means more fruits and veggies….but how? You have made this pact with yourself to start eating better before, but for whatever reason it never quite happened. What can you do different this time around?  Here are a few simple ideas:

Buy fruits and veggies. If they are not in your fridge or pantry there is no way they can make it to your mouth. The first step to eating right is having the right tools.  Those tools are fruits and veggies.  Put them in your shopping cart. Buy them when you go out to eat. Select food items that incorporate fruits and veggies. Choose a salad. Add extra veggie toppings. Substitute for the cup of fruit. If you buy it, you are more likely to eat it.

Buy what you like. Select fruits or veggies that you like to eat, not ones that you think you should eat. If you don’t like blueberries, but you buy them because you heard they are super healthy, you will most likely not eat them or hate every bite. There are so many varieties of fruits and veggies, so buy the ones you like because you will enjoy eating them.

Have a plan. Fruits and veggies are not going to automatically make their way into your lunch sack or dinner plans. Plan ahead for when you can use them and how. The night before, think about what you will do to add fruits and veggies to your breakfast. Add them to your lunch, make a fruit smoothie in the morning, add veggies to your pizza or sandwhich.  There are so many ways to incorporate them into your day!

Sometimes we feel if we’ve not eaten a whole garden that day, then we have not eaten healthy.  Which is unrealistic and untrue. Give yourself some credit! If you even ate one more fruit or veggie a day than you normally would have; feel good about that! Buy what you like and make a plan and then count it as a success when you have followed through!

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