Starting Out Being Active-Prevent Injuries.

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Whether you’ve been exercising for years or are just starting out, it’s important to avoid injuries so you can keep doing the things you want to do. We become more vulnerable to injuries as we get older, in part because we are less agile than we used to be, and aging causes loss of our former bone and muscle mass.

Start slow. If you are just starting out being active, don’t overdo it. Don’t expect to accomplish all your goals in one session or week. Gradually build up your endurance and work towards increasing your speed and time. Training for a marathon doesn’t start with running 26 miles in one day.

Use proper safety equipment for your activity. If you are riding a bike: wear a helmet; if you are playing soccer: use shin guards. If you are planning to run or walk, be sure to have a proper pair of running shoes. Having the right equipment can make all the difference in preventing injuries.

Drink plenty of fluids. Being hydrated begins long before you start a work out. Hydrate even as early as the day before, during the day and after your workout.  Drink even if you don’t think you are thirsty.

Exercise should not be a painful thing to do. It may not always feel comfortable and soreness is a common thing, but it shouldn’t cause intense pain. If you are experiencing dizziness, chest pain, trouble breathing, nausea etc. then stop your activity. Don’t push it, take a break.

Taking the proper steps to prevent injuries can keep you doing your activity of choice for many years to come!

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