Ways to Avoid Stress Eating

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For many of us, keeping healthy habits and eating right has been difficult during this unprecedented time. There are many stresses from uncertainty to instability that have made life difficult. High amounts of stress can lead to overeating and unnecessary snacking. If you are someone who stress eats in times of stress here a few tips to maintain healthy eating habits:

Create and Maintain Routines. Create routines for working, eating, and exercising. These routines will help provide structure to your day and keep you on track to meet your goals.

Remove Temptation. When snacks are visible and easy to grab it can be hard to resist. Keep snacks in the kitchen and out of sight.

Prevent Boredom. Snacking can fill like an event and way to fill time. Stay busy with hobbies or exercise to fill free time.

Ask Yourself if you are Really Hungry? Mindlessly eating it easy to do. Check-in with yourself to see if you are hungry or if something else like loneliness or boredom is impacting you.

Connect with Family and Friends. Loneliness and isolation are at an all-time high. Instead of reaching for the snacks, reach for the phone. Call a family member or friend to connect and talk.

Take a Walk. If you need a distraction and a way to change how you feel, go outside for a walk around your neighborhood. Feel the sunshine and enjoy being outside.

Changes to our normal routine can cause us to develop unhealthy habits. Look for ways to stay on track and avoid stress eating during this difficult time.

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