Tips to Help You Shop Healthier

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The grocery store can be a tricky place to navigate. Here are a few ways to make smarter decisions down the aisles:

Plan Meals in Advance

It takes a few minutes, but saves time spent running back to the store for missing ingredients. Check out our Get Healthy Recipesfor new meal ideas.

Know What’s in the Pantry

Create an inventory so you know what you have on hand. Our Healthy Pantry Guide lists some staples you’ll need to whip up a healthy meal, anytime.

Make a List

This makes shopping trips more efficient and prevents impulse buying. The Healthy Shopping List is a convenient way to organize what you need.

Shop the Perimeter

Fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, and fish are usually located on the outer edges of the store. Avoid the center aisles where junk food lurks.

Don’t Shop Hungry

An empty stomach can lead to unhealthy impulse buys.

Read Food Labels

Check food labels to compare the nutritional values of products and make healthy choices.

Want More Tips?

Check out our virtual grocery store tours.

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