Soda Free for the Summer

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It is time to go Soda Free for the rest of the summer! Use these last few weeks to make a small change to your health and eliminate your soda consumption. Here are a few tips to help you ditch the sugary drinks and drink healthier options.

1. Commit.  Decide to change what you drink. No dream can be achieved without and goal and a plan!
2. Drink more water. Drink water instead of sugary drinks when you’re thirsty. Carry around a water bottle or container that holds water so you have something ready to drink when thirsty.
3. Find alternatives. Find other healthier options to take the place of your soda or sugary drink. Try sparkling water, unsweetened tea, or squeeze lemon, lime or other fruit in your water. There are so many new sparkling water products. Try them out to see which ones you like.

Sugary drinks are drinks that contain added sugars or sweeteners. Sugary drinks include soda and other carbonated soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, juice drinks, sweetened tea and coffee drinks, and sweetened milk or milk alternatives. The added sugar in these drinks add calories but little or no nutrients.

Juice Drinks 20oz = 23 packets of sugar: 60 minutes of walking to burn off

Soda 20oz =  22 packets of sugar: 52 minutes of walking to burn off

Energy Drink 16oz = 17 packets of sugar: 50 minutes of walking to burn off

Sports Drink 20oz = 12 packets of sugar : 27 minutes of walking to burn off

Chocolate Milk 8oz = 9 packets of sugar : 34 minutes of walking to burn off

Water = ZERO sugar: ZERO minutes of Walking to burn off

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