Smoke-Free Housing Directory

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Secondhand smoke exposure is a serious issue and one that is especially common in homes that have shared ventilation systems or where smoke can seep through windows, doors and vents. If you are looking for a way to search for smoke-free housing options, check out our Smoke-Free Housing Directory.

The Smoke-Free Housing Directory was created to identify and highlight apartment and condominium communities in Clark County that offer smoke-free housing options for residents. The directory contains over 50,000 smoke-free apartments and is organized by property type and location in Clark County. It also offers a wide range of property type options, from affordable to luxury living.

All of the properties included in the Smoke-Free housing directory have self-reported that they have buildings where all units within are 100% smoke-free. However, the places listed may have some buildings that allow smoking, and may allow smoking on patios or in other outdoor spaces. Please inquire about a 100% smoke-free building policy when calling a community and before signing a lease. This directory will continue to be updated with smoke-free housing options in Clark County to help you protect yourself and your family from secondhand smoke exposure by finding a safe, smoke-free place to call home.

Apartment Owners and Managers: If you own or manage smoke-free apartments and would like to be included in the Smoke-Free Housing Directory, please fill out the request form here.

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