Rotating Salad Bar at CCSD Elementary Schools

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School children eat more fruits and vegetables when they have a variety of choices, such as those provided in a self-serve salad bar. Helping children develop good eating habits early in life helps maximize academic performance during the school year and promotes wellness throughout their lives.

Incorporating Salad bars into school lunches gives students an option to increase fruits and veggies during lunchtime. Salad Bars are available to all CCSD Elementary Schools on a rotating basis.

Salad bars are available by request for lunchtimes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays only and are dependent on availability. The salad bar will only be present at the assigned elementary school for one day, but the school may re-request the salad bar as desired. All requests must come from the elementary school principal or the school’s food service staff, with the principal’s approval. Advance notice of one week must be given. Another meal option will be available for students who don’t want to eat from the salad bar.

Principals can contact their region’s foodservice clerk to request the salad bar:

Northwest region 702-799-8123 ext 5349

Northeast region 702-799-8123 ext 5422

Southwest region 702-799-8123 ext 5359

Southeast region 702-799-8123 ext 5322

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