Resolution Twists for 2022!

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Have you found yourself making the same resolutions each year without ever making any progress?? By December you feel more like a failure and less like a new person. This year instead of making the same type of resolutions commit to doing something different.

New DAY resolutions. Real lifestyle change happens one day at a time.  Focus on each new day and living a healthy lifestyle. Just make small and simple changes. Take a walk, pack your lunch from home, drink less soda etc.

Add something.  Resolutions often involve taking away or eliminating something.  That never seems fun to anyone! Instead of eliminating something focus on adding something, like add one more serving of vegetables or fruit to your meal, add a healthy snack to your day, add more water intake to your routine or add 15 minutes to your bedtime.

Try something new. Everyone has something they thought about wanting to do or try. Focus on trying a new activity or class. Maybe you have always wanted to try yoga or zumba. You have heard how easy or fun these classes can be, but you haven’t ever tried it. Set a goal to try it out this year! You might find that you really enjoy it and discover a new passion.

Resolution feelings. Focus instead on how you want to feel at the end of this year and not so much on the endless list of things you should do or accomplish. If you want to feel healthier or happier by the end of the year let that desire guide your actions and goals.

The bottom line is that in one year it will be another year regardless of what each of us does with our time. You can either be the same person you are today or you can use the time to become who you really want to be.

Happy New Year!!

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