New Year’s Resolution #3: Eating Healthy

| Nutrition

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be super complicated. Making just small shifts in our food choices, can add up over time. When it comes to lasting weight loss, it is more effective to make small and consistent changes rather than trying to change years of unhealthy habits overnight. The key is that the changes are practical and sustainable so that you can permanently adopt them into your everyday life. Look at the following list and determine a few that you could adopt this month. And then next month pick a few more.

Top 10 Easy Ways to Start Eating Healthy

1. Start breakfast with instant oatmeal & low-fat milk.
2. Skip the fast food drive through.
3. Keep low-fat yogurt, cheese and milk in your refrigerator.
4. Snack on fruits and vegetables.
5. Pack a healthy lunch and skip eating out.
6. If you eat out, split the meal or only eat half.
7. Eat thin crust pizza. Add veggies as toppings.
8. Limit meat, fish & poultry to 5 ounces.
9. Eat whole-grain breads.
10. Drink lots of water!

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