Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act

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The Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act protects children and adults from secondhand cigarette smoke and secondhand aerosol from electronic vaping products in most public places and indoor places of employment.

The Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act was originally passed by a majority of Nevada voters on November 7, 2006. State legislators made substantial changes to the Act during the 2011 session, including allowing smoking to resume in stand-alone bars that do not allow minors. During the 2019 legislative session, the law was updated to include vapor products or e-cigarettes in the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act.

The use of tobacco products, electronic vaping products is only allowed in the following public indoor places:

  • Areas of casinos where minors are prohibited
  • Stand-alone bars, taverns, and saloons where minors are prohibited or that don’t offer food service
  • Retail tobacco stores
  • Strip clubs or brothels
  • Convention floors at tobacco-related trade shows

These establishments or venues may choose to implement voluntary “No Smoking/No Vaping” polices. For more information on implementing a policy at your establishment email or call 702-759-1270.

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