It’s time to fall into fitness!

| Physical Activity

This season you can fall into a new routine for fitness by following these 3 steps to get your heart rate up and your body moving. The fall weather is around the corner and the temperature is starting to drop. This is a great time to begin or continue your physical fitness plans.

Make a plan & schedule time to be active. Look over your schedule and find blocks of time that could be used for being active. Maybe you have time early in the morning or right after dinner. Perhaps you have more time in the evening. Find a time that works best for you and schedule it as part of your day and stick to your plan! Schedule a regular time to go walking with a friend each day or week. By having someone else rely on you, you will be more likely to keep your commitment.

Mix it up this fall. If you have been doing the same fitness activity all year long, try switching it up this fall. For example, instead of swimming, you could try hiking or walking. Changing your fitness routine a few times throughout the year not only gives you something fun and new to look forward to, but it also can improve your body in different ways.

Get Outside. Being active doesn’t always mean going to the gym. Head outdoors, you don’t need a membership! Take advantage of the cooler weather and get outside to be active. A nice walk through your neighborhood or the park gives you a chance to stretch your muscles and take in the beautiful fall scenery. Drive past the park on your way to and from work. Seeing other people out and being active can help motivate you to want to join them.

This fall, challenge yourself to slowly add in more fitness to your day. Every little bit adds up! Start with small ways like parking your car farther from the door or do a few extra laps around the store than you normally would. Set a goal this season to be active at least 150 minutes each week and you will meet the recommend amount of physical activity for adults.

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