How to Get Started Bike Commuting

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Have you ever thought about getting to work another way besides taking your car? Maybe you have seen people riding their bikes to work and wondered how they switched from four wheels to two. If you are thinking of biking to work here are some tips and resources to get you started.

Plan your route

The route you drive to your destination is not usually the best route for biking. Often, the best biking route might be a side street that is less busy. Consider distance, traffic volume, road width, condition, and terrain when selecting a route.

Test Run

Do a test-run of your route. The weekends are a great time to test out and time your bike-to-work route and make adjustments if necessary.


The RTC is working on linking bicycle facilities to transit service and providing bike routes along transit corridors. Check out the RTC’s Bike Map Brochure and Neon To Nature to find bike lanes and off-street trails.

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