Healthier Thanksgiving

| Holiday

Put the bird in the oven and your feet in your shoes. Take time before or after you eat to take a walk or play with your kids at the park. Have the family go on a bike ride. Toss the football around. Fit in some activity earlier in the day before you start your feast.

Sample not scoop. Holidays mean we look forward all year to eating certain foods. Have a sample of all your favorites but try to limit yourself to a few tablespoons instead of a big scoop. That way you satisfy your craving without eating too much.

Talk more and eat less. It is easy to get drawn into the appetizer table at the holiday party. Before you even eat, you can consume enough calories for a whole meal. Instead of killing time before dinner munching on the finger foods, spend time getting to know the other guests at the party or catch up with old friends. A little conversation will keep your mouth busy without spoiling your plans to not over eat.

Best part of thanksgiving is the leftovers. Happily share the leftovers with your guests and send extra food home with everyone. They will love it and you will not be tempted with all the leftover food. Plan ahead and purchase extra inexpensive storage containers that you can package leftover food for your guests. This will make it easier for you to divide and send home food.

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