Diabetes resources in the community

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Type 2 diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. Having diabetes means your body is not producing enough insulin to regulate the amount of sugar in your blood. Having uncontrolled diabetes can lead to serious health complications, such as blindness, kidney failure, and lower-extremity amputations. The Southern Nevada Health District is working to help people prevent and manage their diabetes. Below are some resources to help people understand and manage their disease.

Diabetes Self-Management Classes teach participants about various topics such as how food and physical activity impact blood sugar, understand what blood sugar readings mean, and why it’s important to know your numbers. Diabetes self-management classes help you learn how to eat healthy and increase physical activity, reduce additional health care risk factors, and work with a health care team for more support. To register for our class at SNHD on December 1 and 8 from 2-4 pm, call 702-759-1270 or email: gethealthy@snhd.org

Diabetes prevention classes help people learn about risk factors and make healthy lifestyle changes. The Road to Diabetes Prevention is a free, self-paced online program for people who might have prediabetes.  Click here to participate.

The Nevada Diabetes Resource Directory is a local and statewide resource available in English and Spanish for people with diabetes. The Nevada Diabetes Resource Directory is an excellent resource for anyone diagnosed with diabetes. Local and statewide resources include diabetes prevention and self-management classes, free and low-cost clinics, and help with medication. Information about low-cost clinics can be found at here.

Use these tools and resources to help you or someone you love manage or prevent diabetes.

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