Active People Healthy Southern Nevada

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Active People, Healthy NationSM is a national initiative to help 27 million Americans become more physically active by 2027. People and organizations from a variety of sectors—health, education, transportation, business, and more—are working together to create an active America. Too few Americans get the recommended amount of physical activity outlined in the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2nd edition. Active People, Healthy NationSM supports communities across the country, like ours, who are promoting ways for local residents to be active. We are promoting local efforts to encourage our community to be more active through our companion Active People Healthy Southern Nevada initiative. Check out some of the ways that your family can be more active in our community:

Download the Walk Around Nevada App. Our Walk Around Nevada app is a fun way to join with family and friends and virtually Walk Around Nevada. Track your steps or miles of physical activity with this app and watch as you make your way around the whole state and earn a free hall of fame t-shirt!

Download the Neon to Nature App. Find all walking, hiking, and biking trails in Southern Nevada with the Neon to Nature app. With options to customize a search, anyone can locate a trail that is just right for them. Search for trails based on your current location, amenities, level of difficulty and more. Detailed information about each trail is provided as well as beautiful photos.

Check out our Places to Play Tool.  We developed, Places to Play, a list of all public parks and their amenities for Clark County, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson and organized them by zip code. Check out the Places to Play and find a park near you!

The evidence is clear—physical activity fosters normal growth and development, can reduce the risk of various chronic diseases, and can make people feel better, function better, and sleep better. Some health benefits start immediately after activity, and even short bouts of physical activity are beneficial. Start today and take advantage of those health benefits!


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