Move Your Way® Week March 1st–6th

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 Join us for Move your Way® Week and get moving! Each day during Move Your Way Week, participate in some form of physical activity and post a comment about what you did on our Facebook page @GetHealthyClarkCounty. When you comment on your activity, you will be entered into our Move Your Way® Raffle. You can use our list of suggested activities or choose one of your own.

What’s the best way to get active? Whatever gets you moving! Did you know cleaning your house and walking the dog all count towards being active? We should all try to move more and sit less throughout the day. Adults should aim to be active for 150 minutes each week, and children should be active for at least an hour a day.

Walk. Run. Dance. Play. What’s your move? Use this activity planner to set goals, choose activities you want to do, and get tips to help you stay motivated. When you’re done, print your plan to track activity throughout the week.

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