Apps for a Healthy Fall

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Let our Get Healthy apps give you a boost to stay healthy this fall. Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard, it can be as simple as eating more fruits and veggies, being more active and cooking more at home. Our Get Healthy apps can give you all the resources to meet these healthy goals.

Half My Plate App: If you’re looking for a fun way to motivate yourself to eat more fruits and vegetables, look no further than the Half My Plate app, which is a customizable tracker that helps you reach your goals for a healthy diet by inspiring you to make half your plate fruits and vegetables. This app includes personalized fruit and vegetable recommended amounts and a searchable database of recipes that feature fruits and vegetables. Download with Apple or Android.

Walk Around Nevada App: Our Walk Around Nevada app is a fun way to join with family and friends and virtually Walk Around Nevada. Track your steps or miles of physical activity with this app and watch as you make your way around the whole state and earn a free hall of fame t-shirt! You can also track other activities besides walking such a biking, basketball, yard work etc. and convert those activities into steps to add to your progress. All of your daily moving can be added to your goal! Download with apple and android.

SNAP Cooking App: Download our SNAP Cooking App and find healthy recipes to cook for your family in a snap! We have hundreds of easy recipes right at your fingertips. You can search based on recipe title or ingredient. Bookmark your favorite recipes and even create a shopping list right in the app! If you are using SNAP benefits, we even have a feature that lets you enter your ZIP Code and see all the SNAP retailers close to you! Healthy cooking and shopping just got a whole lot easier! Download for Apple and Android.

Neon to Nature App: Find all walking, hiking and biking trails in Southern Nevada with Neon to Nature. With options to customize a search, anyone can locate a trail that is just right for them. Search for trails based on your current location, amenities, level of difficulty and more. Detailed information about each trail is provided as well as beautiful photos. Click to download the app for Apple or Android & get out there and explore!

Download our apps to start your family on a healthy path this fall!

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