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Worksite Wellness Kit

The Southern Nevada Health District has developed a Worksite Wellness Kit to share health information, resources and health promotion activities that can be implemented at worksites.

We hope that by implementing some of these tips employee health and productivity will increase; as absenteeism and the cost of insurance claims decrease.

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The kit is divided into five sections: Human Resources, Tobacco Prevention, Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Blood Pressure.

Human Resources

In the Human Resources Section two worksheets are provided as guides to help lower overall insurance costs by focusing on prevention. Steps to creating your own worksite wellness programs, and how to keep employees motivated to participate are available. Health information websites and resources, wellness programs and frequently asked questions are included at the end of this section.

Download the Human Resources PDF (655 KB) section of the Worksite Wellness Kit.

Tobacco Prevention

The Tobacco Prevention section offers tools to make your workplace smoke-free. A downloadable smoke-free workplace guide will guide you through the process. There is also information on smoke-free restaurants in Las Vegas that you can encourage employees to patronize. Local smoking cessation resources are available to help employees stop smoking.

Download the Tobacco Prevention PDF (389 KB) section of the Worksite Wellness Kit. Also available to download is the Guide to a Smoke-free Workplace in English and Spanish. PDF (296 KB)

Physical Activity

Our Physical Activity section is full of ideas to get your employees moving:

  • How to start a physical activity program in your workplace.
  • How to incorporate physical activity into meetings.
  • Walk Around Nevada program and the Take the Stairs program.

Also included are informational flyers to distribute to your employees.

Download the Physical Activity PDF (501 KB) section of the Worksite Wellness Kit.


In the Nutrition section you will find information on our Nutrition Challenge program, which you can encourage your employees to sing up for. There are also nutrition tip flyers to distribute to your employees. Also included in the Nutrition section is information on breastfeeding and how to develop a breastfeeding policy at work, including how to set up a lactation room.

Download the Nutrition PDF (3 MB) section of the Worksite Wellness Kit.

Blood Pressure

The Blood Pressure section offers a guide to lowering blood pressure, and information about stress and other resources.

Download the Blood Pressure PDF (644 KB) section of the Worksite Wellness Kit.


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