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Other Tobacco Products

Cigarettes represent the biggest percentage of produced tobacco products in the world, accounting for about 96 percent of total tobacco sales. Cigarettes are also the most common way that people use tobacco globally.

However, many people use tobacco products that aren’t cigarettes and these are usually called other tobacco products (OTPs). Due to the spread of products and ideas around the world, some forms of tobacco that were once only found in certain cultures and regions of the world, are quickly spreading to other countries.

These cultural forms of tobacco are accepted in new countries and sometimes become very popular, but they rarely replace cigarettes as the tobacco most widely used. Beyond cigarettes, here are a few of the many OTPs used throughout the world.

Source: Mackay, J., Eriksen, M., Shafey, O. The Tobacco Atlas, Second Edition. Published by the American Cancer Society, 2006.



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