Smoke-Free Meeting Directory

Ever wonder why meetings and conferences in Clark County always seem to be held in places that still allow smoking? Nevada does not require all indoor workplaces to be smoke-free and many of the workplaces that hold meetings and conferences may still allow smoking.

However, as demand for smoke-free meetings continues to grow, the Southern Nevada Health District and its community partners have responded by developing a Smoke-Free Meeting Directory. This directory serves as a one-stop shop for all information needed to book your next meeting or conference in a smoke-free location.

To be included in the Smoke-Free Meeting Directory, a location just needs to meet a few simple criteria:

  1. Offer meeting or event space in an area where smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the building.
  2. Allow businesses and organizations to rent or schedule the location for meetings or events.
  3. If you are interested in adding your venue to Clark County’s list of smoke-free meeting locations, Download the venue application here.

Plan your smoke-free meeting using our downloadable list of venues.