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Secrets to Success: Tips to Motivate You

Making the decision to live a healthier lifestyle by eating well and being active is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Some days we feel motivated to be healthy, we get out of bed excited to lace up our shoes and go walking and make healthy food choices. Other days we don’t feel so motivated and energized to be healthy. It is easy to get stuck in a slump.

People celebrating success

The road to better health is not always an easy one, but the rewards are immeasurable. Because of this, we have asked our regular online program users to share their tips and secrets to staying motivated and tell us what encourages them to stay active and eat healthier.

Check out their feedback below and feel free to share your feedback or experiences by emailing



Breast cancer ribbon

My journey started several years ago when I did a 60 mile walk for breast cancer. It took lots of effort to train but it changed my outlook on exercise. Now my pedometer goes on each day without fail. I play golf twice a week, exercise at a gym twice a week & mallwalk. (all with friends)

All these are scheduled so even if I don't f eel like exercising I do it anyway. I will be 72 years old in May (did I really say that) & my motto in life is 'I want to wear out, not rust out'.



I like feeling healthy and being able to do things for myself. When I see obese people needing aid it makes me more determined to eat right and exercise to do all I can to keep a healthy body and mind. I know there are circumstances that people can’t help but most could help themselves with a better lifestyle. I am so thankful for good health at this time.



Picture of four dogs

I keep motivated because: I take my 4 dogs with me and they generate plenty of excitement. I pick up trash along the road and donate cans to my church. Plenty of car drivers recognize me and wave. I go where there is great scenery, frequently in the desert. I’ve been active all my life. I quit running because of my knees, but I can walk with no problems.



My motivation is with my dog. She is annoying until we get "our" daily walk. I love keeping track of my steps, watching my progress across NV. Also, I love learning the little facts on the state of NV in the Walk Around NV program. That's a BIG motivator for me. Keep on walking!!

-"MA" Boni


I love the program because it helps me keep on track and stay motivated with healthy eating. I am motivated by the way healthy eating makes me feel, it makes me feel more confident in myself and more energized.

Picture of a handful of blueberries

Each week in the challenge I feel great when I have added more fruits, vegetables and healthy foods to my diet and the Nutrition Challenge is a great way to keep track of my progress. Each week that I submit daily, I will reward myself with something small such as a new outfit, item for my home or a healthy bowl of my favorite dessert frozen yogurt.

I really love participating in this challenge because it motivates me to be healthy every day, and I love the helpful tips offered in the newsletters and the easy way to keep track of my healthy food servings. I hope this feedback helps, because I love the challenge and would encourage anyone to try it. My advice for any participant is to take things one day at a time, keep trying to do simple things to stay healthy such as substitute fruit for junk food, or go for a walk if you start craving something and drink lots of water.

-S. S.


I am a fitness professional that started out as obese. I want to be an example to my clients and participants. I want them to know they can do what I did and have just as much fun!



Picture of a home gym

I have installed a wonderful gym in our home. I have a resistant machine, smith’s gym, a stationary bike, over 1550# free weights, chinning/pull up station, steps, heavy bag, and a lot of items I cannot think of now. As you can see, I just about have a guarantee that I will work out every day. Everything is conveniently located and I have a system that I can hear my wife, who is homebound, anywhere in the house. In the past I would lift weights to train for the Senior Olympics, but now I honestly must stay strong so I can continue to transfer my wife from her bed to her wheel chair.



Here are a few things that keep me eating on the right track. First it does help coming to your site and keeping track of what I am eating. By doing that it keeps me wanting to do better every week. If I didn’t write it down I don’t think that I would do that good. That is the same with calories, if I don’t keep track I will get off track. I like the recipes you send they help a lot in trying new things. And the most important thing of all is my health by eating more veggies I know that I am doing the right thing, and with all the heart issues in my family eating right is very important. Anyone can do it. It is not hard to do. Eating healthy is second nature for me now.

- M.C.


Picture of a pedometer

I use a pedometer, the Yamax SW200 to keep track of my steps. I have found this simple device to be extremely accurate. I try to work in my backyard every day and convert that effort into steps. I have a gym membership but enjoy walking outdoors whenever possible. I am currently walking all of the streets in Boulder City. I have done this several times in the past and find that it is fulfilling to mark my map each day with the streets I have walked that day. At age 70 I feel that walking is the one thing I can still do and hope to be able to continue this activity the rest of my life. Thank you for the Walk Around Nevada. program.



I love the Walk Around Nevada Program. I became involved in the program to feel better about myself and it was a challenge to me to make time to exercise every day. I am a busy girl, with work and life, so making time to exercise was tough. Since starting the Walk Around Nevada Program, I have counted my steps daily with a pedometer, and have noticed how great I feel when I make my step goal for the day. I challenged myself to walk at least 11000 steps per day and I feel great at the end of the day when I have met that goal. My motivation is more confidence in myself as well as walking is a great way to relax and de-stress and get in my daily exercise. Hope this helps, I love the program.



Picture of a heart shaped balloon

Well it first started out that I wanted to lose a little weight but mainly for my health. With heart problems in my family it was something that I had to do. I started out slow and when I started seeing results I kept going. I went farther and faster. There were times that I did not feel like doing anything but when I didn't I felt somewhat guilty. So I keep walking. I try to get others to join me but I usually go by myself. I work out 6 days a week now, and eat a healthy diet.



The Nutrition Challenge serves as a reminder to me to make sure my wife and I eat properly. My wife is bedridden so we get lunch and dinner from restaurants. I can handle breakfast. My wife and I take medications three times a day and we have 8 oz of OJ with it. Then with my cereal I have a banana and craisins. We have our main meal at noon and I always order something lite for our late supper. We use a dozen or so restaurants but mostly BJ’s, Olive Garden, Claim Jumper, and Mimi’s. You can see that just by taking meds and my typical breakfast I’m up to five “fruits and vegetables” for each day. Good luck with your programs and thanks for keeping them active.

-Tom P.

Picture of person walking among fall foliage

I have been active all my life. I have several decades under my belt and when I retired the weight started to creep up. Even though I swim and play tennis walking has always been a favorite exercise for me. Walking has put me back on track on keeping the weight down but more importantly the 90 minutes I spend walking each day is my time. This is the gift I give to me.

When I heard about Walk Around Nevada it seemed like the perfect fit for me. I have always liked a challenge and this has worked out great for me. Keeps me motivated to add those stars and see what I have accomplished. My family is amazed that I have walked around the state as many times as I have. When I don't walk every day I feel as if an important part of me is missing. The time I spend walking is truly my time to enjoy being outdoors and enjoy the ever changing landscape



When I wake-up, I am often stiff and tired, but once I get out of bed and head out for my morning 2-4 mile Power Walk or jog, my blood gets going and the stiffness goes away. I feel so much better once the blood gets flowing. I listen to audio books while I exercise....only when I exercise. When I have a really good book, it is easy to stay motivated because you want to keep listening to the book.

Programs like Walk Around Nevada are great for measuring your progress. By racking up the miles it gives me a sense of accomplishment and makes me feel better physically which also often helps me emotionally/mentally. It is easier to feel better emotionally/mentally when you feel better physically. Don't try to climb Mt Everest in one step. Start with a realistic goal and build on it. Don't worry so much about how far you go, but rather set an amount of time you can commit and see how far you can go in that amount of time. Instead of saying you want to run a mile (or 2 or 3), decide you're going to run/Power Walk, for 10 or 20 minutes. Then increase by 5 or 10 minutes the next week or month. Keep pushing to quickly or as slowly as you can, but stay committed.

-Chief K

Picture of person walking among fall foliage

I recently attended a lecture on successful aging. The keys were remaining physically active and eating healthy. This website helps me to accomplish both of these worthy goals. I love the WAN program and the conversion table that gives you credit for all type of physical activity, not just walking. It helps you recognize there are a lot of different ways that you can exercise. The Eating Better and Nutrition Challenge sections are wonderful aids to help me make better and healthier food choices. I am pre-diabetic but with this invaluable website I am confident that I can prevent a diabetes diagnosis. Keep moving and eating healthy!!!!

- Ed M

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