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Whether a person is at risk of becoming obese, currently overweight or at a healthy weight, they can take steps to prevent unhealthy weight gain and related health problems.

Exercise regularly: According to the American College of Sports Medicine, people need 150 moderate-intensity minutes of activity per week to prevent weight gain. Moderately intense physical activities include fast walking and swimming.

Kids: Obesity & Diabetes

Eat healthy meals and snacks: Focus on fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Avoid saturated fat and limit sweets and alcohol. High-fat, high-calorie foods should be enjoyed as an infrequent treat.

Monitor weight regularly: People who weigh themselves at least once a week are more successful in keeping off excess pounds. Monitoring weight can help a person detect small weight gains before they become big problems.

Be consistent: Stick to a healthy-weight plan during the week, on the weekends and amidst vacation and holidays as much as possible to increase the chances of long-term success.



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